Friday, July 4, 2008


In case you did not know BFF stand for Best Friends Forever.

Have you ever had some one placed in your life that until many years later, you did not realize why? Possibly a best friend or confidant?

Brayden has his own BFF, Justice. Justice Coleman is a sweet two year old girl, who I love to see smile. The Coleman family has become our close friends and confidants. Jeremy has known Justice’s dad, Jason, since his grade school days, they grew up at the same church and have been working together for many years. Before we had Brayden, the Colemans moved out to Waterford, just a few miles from our house. We had no idea that their move would be such a huge blessing to us! The Colemans daughter has several brain abnormalities and handicaps; some that are similar to Brayden’s.

Shortly after having Brayden we were on the phone with the Colemans trying to make sense of everything going on. Since their daughter is older than Brayden, our questions were not new to them. They helped us understand all the medical terms, what doctors to find and questions to ask. Over the past year we have come to appreciate their friendship more and more. I feel like they are our guinea pig. The Colemans spend many hours figuring out doctors, therapy, medical equipment and now school. We come along behind and ask them questions about what they have already been through and we have been using their experiences to understand what could be helpful for Brayden.

Our families have an understanding of circumstances. If we say to them Brayden had a bad day, they understand; it is not a typical grouchy kid day, there is much more to it. Sharing questions that we have, thoughts, feelings and concerns for our handicap children. There is no need for explanation. Many of our days are overwhelming and difficult to explain even to our family, the Colemans understand. I call Cara, Justice’s mom, several times week with many random questions (I even called her on their vacation, yikes!) or even just to get together. There is a entirely different level of concern and sometimes hurt when trying to get through the day with your handicap child. At the same time, small celebrations are even bigger, like smiles. The Colemans understand. This kind of friendship is priceless and one that I could not do without.

Brayden and Justice share many of the same therapists. One therapist jokingly said maybe you better check your husbands’ history; they grew up together, work together and both have children with brain abnormalities. I never really thought of it like that. I see it differently. It amazes me to think that years ago, before we knew we would have children, and the Lord always knew that we would have Brayden, the Colemans would have Justice; we would end up living very close and being close friends. Coincidence, I think not, quite a divine plan.

I do not want to forget to mention that they have a son that is four years old, Gibraltar. He has become Carter and Luke’s BFF. When they greet each other, it is in a loud scream and then they are off running. I would have a picture of them but all turned out blurry because they kept moving. I could only get a picture of the children who were sitting still, Brayden and Justice in their hot wheels. His and Her set of wheels, the KidKarts. I think they sit there and think "What are these crazy people doing?".

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Debbie said...

That is just such a precious precious gift to see God's divine hand in that friendship. That truly truly developed a long time ago. Wow. I literally have the goosebumps.