Saturday, July 12, 2008


When the light is green you go.
When the light is red you stop.
But what do you do
When the light turns blue
With orange and lavender spots?
Signals from A Light in the Attic

Signals, signals, signals we all watch our children for all sorts signals. We are looking for things that will make them smile. We watch them for signs of being sick or tired. The first couple of years we learn more about them and are able to tune into their needs just by a few signals they may give us. Rubbing the eyes - tired; Crying - hungry or hurt; Smiling - enjoyment: all pretty standard signs that we know and understand. Just google baby signals and there are plenty of websites and books to help you understand your baby's signals.

Brayden's signals are not so obvious and definitely not in a book. Several months ago I took Brayden to the pediatrician because he was rubbing his left ear. Of course no ear ache, he discovered he had an ear and that was his way of exploring. One signal we have learned to understand is that he shakes his head from side to side (like saying no) when he is overwhelmed or just had too much.

We are constantly looking for opportunities to help Brayden relax. His little legs and back are extremely tight. He spends many hours with the therapist trying to help him relax. Last night we tried the pool at Uncle Russ and Aunt Sandy's home. At first he did not like the cool water but then settled down. All signs point to him being relaxed and enjoying the water. He looks so relaxed but feeling his legs, they were still so tight.

Brayden's smiles are coming more frequently. However he can go days without cracking so much as grin. We have yet to understand why he has days that are full of smiles and then go for sometime without any.

He is still struggling with vomiting. The doctors have asked us tons of questions about the vomiting. Trying to understand if there is some sort of trigger or sign as to why he might be vomiting. I cannot find a consistent reason. It would be nice to have some sort of signal so we can put him in a safe vomit area (preferably tile flooring or on some towels for easy clean up). We will be seeing another specialist to discuss.

We know that red means stop and green means go. But what can we do with the spotted signals? Brayden's signals are spotted, stripped, zig-zaged... And we are trying to understand.

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