Thursday, July 24, 2008


One of my favorite types of TV shows is anything about a makeover: What not to Wear, Extreme Home Makeover, any talk show doing makeovers. I rarely tune in for the entire show. I only watch the show for the moment they show the before and then…Wow, the after!

We had our own little make over tonight. Brayden’s haircut. This is not his first haircut, it is his third. He has a lot of hair. When it gets long, the hair on the back of his head turns in to a little bird nest. He shakes his head back and forth because he does not know what else to do with it. The result is a knotted mess. The front gets on his face and he cannot push it back.

His before
The haircut is a process. Stress levels are high for Jeremy, the daddy/barber, and Brayden. Brayden fights, fusses, cries and shakes; he tries any tricks he knows to get out of the haircut. I sit him in my lap and attempt to hold him steady. We put him on his side, back, belly and sit him up to try and get all the sides of his head. Let just say hair was flying! Carter and Luke stood by as cheerleaders. “Brayden, it’s okay.” “Brayden hold still.”

His after
I thought makeovers were supposed to be fun. Brayden did not enjoy his make over. But some how after the madness, he settled down and smiled for his after picture (in case you did not know, he smiles do not come very often).


Heather said...

Brayden looks so handsome in his new haircut! His before and after pictures are just adorable; they could tell the entire story for you. I love that you were able to capture that beautiful smile as well. Congrats on the very successful makeover. ;)

Debbie said...

Oh that sweet smile...just melts my heart. He is just so precious...

Andrea said...

He's a handsome boy!!