Tuesday, July 6, 2010


We made it back from vacation to Hatteras in OBX.

How tired we are all after getting back from vacation.

Brayden handled the vacation...meaning he cried most of the trip down. Cried on and off while we were there. He did have moments of peace when napping under the umbrella at the beach.

Not really sure what he is trying to tell us.

He did not try the sand or the ocean this time. He was so grouchy we did as little as possible with him for fear it might set him off. He did try the pool (which was warm like a cool bath) and handled it a few times. For the most part he sat in the double jogger...one seat for him, one for his feeding pump bag.

So Brayden was grouchy. I was grouchy too (although I tried not to be). My camera broke. My Canon Digital EOS, my most prized possession, broke about three days into the vacation. I called the service line, it sounds like the mirror and shutter are done. That camera has not left my side for almost three years. As most of you know, I take pictures of everything (and I mean everything). What to do on vacation with no camera? I used Jeremy's little work one and our Flip video but it just was not the same. Now I have to decide to have my camera fixed or just buy a new one.
More pictures to come once I get them off Jeremy's work camera.


kirstenpetree said...

I'm sorry your vacation wasn't really "vacation". Layne is so grouchy all the time we don't really even do anything, so I understand!

April said...

What a great shot on the beach! Sorry about your camera :(

Courtney said...

i'm sorry, carrie!
SO sorry about the grouchiness...it's so much harder when you feel that way on vacation - because you don't WANT to!

and i'm SORRY about your camera! did it just happen? or did something happen to break it? i can RELATE to how you felt! i would be LOST!

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

So sorry to hear that Brayden was grumpy on vacation. And your camera! That is awful! I am glad that you were able to bring a nurse to help out and that the beach had an accessible ramp. The pictures are beautiful.