Monday, July 12, 2010

A little bit more about vacation

The days leading up to vacation were a bit stressful. Brayden with the kidney stone and not knowing what to do about it, he has not been in ketosis which could cause more seizures (the reason for very specific and carefully calculated ketogenic diet) and he had been screaming in pain for a many days.

I choose to ignore most of it (after letting the doctors know that we were heading out of town for a vacation) until we returned. We had to go on vacation!

Brayden was not happy on vacation. He did have good moments but still not himself.

But what did make the vacation pretty easier for us...

Brayden's nurse came along.

Right across from our house was the accessible ramp to the beach. Easy to wheel Brayden and all of our beach gear instead of climbing those OBX beach dune stairs.

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