Saturday, July 24, 2010

Advice from a 20 something

It is crazy hot here in VA. Today up to 110 degrees. Earlier this week it was a bearable 95 degrees (sarcasm), so we headed to a local pool that has slides and a lazy river.

Brayden does not control his body temperature very well. Being outside in the heat, leads to him literally turning red and getting a fever (which could lead to some seizures). We have learned that dips in the pool helps him cool off and he really enjoys being in the water. He really likes the lazy river.

This particular day at the pool, Brayden and his nurse Christina were floating around the lazy river (she has to hold him). As they were floating around a lifeguard (who might have been no older than 2o years old) decided he needed to give some advice.

Imagine Brayden in Christina's lap in a tube floating around the lazy river, a lifeguard from his post starts shouting. Here is a gist of the conversation between the lifeguard and Brayden's nurse...

Lifeguard, "You might need to get him out, he is looking red."
Nurse, "He is fine, he's cooling off."
Lifeguard, "It might be a good idea to get him out of the sun."
Nurse, "He does not control he body temperature so he is cooling off in the pool."
Lifeguard, "Then this is not the place for him."

Thanks, random lifeguard for the advice.


kirstenpetree said...

I would have been mad, certainly would have had something to say to him!!

Since Brayden likes the water so much, have you heard of the water way babies? Layne has a floatie and we just take him in a regular pool and he loves it!!

Mo said...

Ah's always something isn't it?

Shannon said...

Ugh!!! Idiot.

Leah said...

we had a run in with a random teen lifeguard at the pool over the weekend too....give 'em a little power and they'll say anything!

TMI Tara said...

110 is way too hot. And that lifeguard's head is way too hot too. What a num-nutz.