Monday, July 12, 2010

A closer look

As I was putting up pictures from our vacation on the family blog, I started to put up this picture. But then changed my mind...nothing to great about it. We were just walking around the dock after a stressful dinner, Brayden crying and crying.

Then I looked a bit closer at the picture, Luke was holding Brayden's hand as they were walking.

Carter and Luke were so patient with Brayden on vacation. The drive to the beach they had to ride in almost absolute silence for 6+ hours because any sound, bump or movement seemed to upset Brayden.
On vacation, Carter would curl up on the couch with Brayden. Luke tried to console him as well.


MamaHam said...

So sweet! What amazing brothers he has. Our little special ones really make the older ones even more special!

The VW's said...

What great big brothers!!! Makes my heart smile!

Sorry Brayden wasn't happy on vacation, but thankful you had some help from your nurse! What a blessing!

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

What a sweet photo! They are great big brothers.

Courtney said...

so so sweet!