Thursday, July 22, 2010

Those little hands

Brayden's hands are not used for much. He can put his left pointer finger in his mouth for comfort. The majority of the time he requires help getting his hands in to place. Sometimes you can see him concentrate and start moving his cute little fingers around trying to understand what he is touching. The movement is so little but still so big. Each time he does it, my heart smiles.

This week we ventured to the Natural History Museum in DC. Brayden was not overwhelmed by all the noises, people or even the 3D dinosaur movie (no 3D glasses for him). We went into a room of the museum for children called the Discovery Room, a place where the kids could look, touch, smell, etc. everything in the room. Brayden's little hands were busy. Each item placed in his hands, he toke a moment to process what it was and then slowly moved his fingers around feeling what it was.

He did he best with an abacus, really moving his fingers around the beads.

Then he had to hold a skull.


Junior said...

so good to see him moving those hands.

Thanks for the comment on the adaptions blog, woohoo hope he gets the ipad. Junior is having some health issues so I have been kind of mia on the blog scene lately.

The VW's said...

Great job Brayden!!! Looks like you were really concentrating too!

Glad you were able to get away to NYC for a solo trip! It must have felt weird to be alone and only have to bring ONE bag too! Hope you had lots of fun! HUGS!!!