Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How I do hospital stays...

Jeremy stays the night with Brayden. He is gifted with the ability to fall asleep just about anywhere and go into a deep sleep quickly. I arrive early in the morning before first rounds and stay the entire day. Carter and Luke are at school and home with grandparents taking shifts.

After several hospital stays, I have a few tricks up my sleeve to make it a little bit more bearable for me...

1. Magazines - they do not require much thought or attention span, since I am lacking that when lacking sleep.

2. Book - just one easy to read,usually off the bestseller list but I make no commitments to reading it all if it turns out to be boring.

3. Blackberry - I used to make fun of Jeremy (and all other Jenkins) who cannot function without theirs, mine is my new best friend and contact with the outside world.

4. Starbucks frappuccinos in bottle - our frig is full stocked with these. I have never been much of a person who needs caffeine but these are too good to resist.

5. Laptop with remote access - Yes, I am sitting here typing on it right now. I watched old Glee episodes, checked others blogs, read a couple of newspapers (the style sections), etc.

6. Gum - some how hanging out in a hospital room gives you cotton mouth.

7. Camera - do you need an explanation for this one?

8. A new addition is...
Mary Kay TimeWise Targeted Action Eye Revitalizer, claims to diminish dark circles and depuff. A stay at the hospital is a true test for this product.
9. Money for the cafeteria and parking garage.
10. Toys for Brayden and things from home for him.


Shannon said...

You are a pro!!

Michelle said...

Wow sounds like you've got it covered, sorry you have to be an expert, but you are truly a blessing to me every time I read your blog. Praying for all of you.

littleharves said...

lap tops are great in hospital i used it to watch dvd's on as well , i used to have a small fridge in harveys room too so i filled it with delicious snacks. it all helps get you through xxx