Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ever feel like you are being watched?

Brayden does.

Besides mommy and daddy hovering over him, the staff on the neurology wing are watching him closely.

At this Children's neurology wing (apparently not any other wing yet) cameras are in each room. The cameras follow the children throughout their room. A tech sits at a station 24/7 watching the children. Brayden is being watched closely for seizures. Kind of strange having a camera in the room...so no nose picking or making out with Jeremy (I know our families just cringed a little).

The monitors alarm to big seizures, which he had a couple today. His stats go crazy and several people rush into his room.

Brayden's blood glucose is being watched. This diet can alter it, he was pretty low this morning but got better throughout the day. His diaper has an extra pad in it to ring out the urine for a sample to check his ketones. Bloodwork is being done each day to monitor him and to watch closely his Lipase levels which is a cause of pancreatitis (which he has dealt with in the past). His lipase levels have been elevated but not too high.

Children's is a teaching hospital so Brayden is watched by medical students, resident, attending and fellow doctors. And the nursing students, nurses and techs. A dietitian (who will facilitate this diet in the hospital and out) and her intern. A case manager to set up all of his new gear at home.

The proper diet is slowly being increased to see how his body tolerates it...so far no major problems.
His sweet chubby feet that kick and make the monitor go off.


The Olivers said...

what a little trooper. how are his mom and dad holding up? hugs to all.

Shannon said...

Wow. Super high tech. How are you and Jeremy handling the overnights? Remember, if you need anything, please let us know.