Monday, January 25, 2010

Random things on my to-do list for a week

There are many things that I do for my children during the week. Some of which I expect to do as a mom but these are things I would have never guessed.

I have to clean and dispose of this. The container for Brayden's suction machine. It is the "juices" that get sucked out of Brayden's stomach. This is a couple weeks worth. It is stomach bile and saliva. I have to say my gag reflex is a bit activated when I have to do this.

Then on my shopping list are these. Men's a big maxi pad. What do we use them for? Well, to line Brayden's diaper at night. He is hooked up to a feeding pump all night and if anyone gets constant fluids throughout the night, then you guessed it...what goes in, comes out. Just a regular diaper does not hold enough so another mom of a special needs boy suggested these pads to help. And they do help.
Oh the things we do...


Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Ah, the joys of parenting. : )

The liners sounds like a great idea. We are still getting away with a Huggies overnight diaper, but I have no doubt that will change as Emily gets bigger (and as we increase the amount of formula we give her at night). I will definitely file this away as a fun future shopping trip.

Amanda said...

i will have to make a mental note of these... great idea!

Anonymous said...

actually, youd be better off trying the depend boost pads than the male guards, as the guards have a plastic backing on them..if the guard gets saturated, it may leak outside the diaper, wehreas a booster pad would let any overflow flow into the dignity booster and youll see what i mean