Friday, January 15, 2010

The not-so-therapy dog

We have lab. She just turned 1.

Labs are one of the most common dogs to be used as assistance dogs. The assistance dogs are used in hospitals, schools, homes, etc. We just saw one in WalMart as a seeing eye dog. We saw another assistant dog being trained at a museum. A therapy dog at the hospital. It is amazing what these dogs can do.

Well that is NOT our dog. She is a hunting dog and amazing at it at just 1 year old (so I am told because Jeremy is the one who takes her, not me).

It is easy to say that our dog can be my biggest stress of the day (although she is getting better). For example, the past weekend I was getting everyone ready for the day. I ran upstairs to grab some stuff to get Brayden's meds. I came back downstairs and the dog ate the syringe (not one with a needle) with one the seizure meds. I was worried for the dog...what could the seizure med do to her? Thankfully nothing.

The dog does not like Brayden's toys that make noise. She will take them. When she touches them and the toys makes its sound, it startles her and she may try to eat it, so we have to put up those toys. She loves to eat stuffed animals so those are put up when she is around.

She does pay a little attention to Brayden. She gets right in his face, nose to nose and Brayden lets her...I do not. She has started to share her bones. A few times I have found her piling bones on Brayden's lap and one time on his wheelchair.

The dog adores and obeys Jeremy; me, she ignores; she loves to chase and be chased by Carter and Luke, and Brayden, well she is not sure what to make of him yet.

Her favorite playmate is Luke. They do laps around the house. Here they are rolling around the kitchen together, and yes the picture is blurry because they are that out of control...I cannot wait for warm weather and they can be outside.

Happy Birthday Gander the dog!

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