Monday, January 11, 2010

Did you ever get beat up by Elmo?

Brayden did.

Not really.

At school, Brayden has been working on pushing a switch. The switch is a large button that is attached to a toy. The child has to push the switch to make the toy go.

Brayden had Elmo.

According to the teacher (who sent us these photos), he was looking right at Elmo and pushed the switch by himself a few times! He seemed to be enjoying it. Cool, right!?


The VW's said...

AWESOME job Brayden!!! What cute pictures!!

Gavin does switch work at school too. I didn't believe his teacher when she told me that he diliberately pushed the button, until she showed me! Our kiddos are amazing! It's so exciting when they do even the littlest thing, isn't it?!.....Because the littlest thing is HUGE to them and us!

I left the wrong blog address for my friend in the comment below. Her blog address is:

Just wanted to correct myself, in case you wanted to check her site out! HUGS!!!

Shannon said...

That is AWESOME!!! Way to go, Brayden,

K said...

Go Brayden!!! Great job!!!!

Heather said...

That is wonderful! How sweet of his teachers to take photos for you.

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Way to go Brayden! He does look like he is getting beat up - but he doesn't seem to mind. : ) Working toward finding his "thing" - that is very cool. I love that his teacher shares this with you, so you can see how he is doing rather than just hear about it.

Emily likes her switch-adapted toys too.

Leah said...

very cool! we have a cow that sings....the button is definitely a cool adaptation for the little guys!

kirstenpetree said...