Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shh, don't tell anyone Brayden had a taste

I gave him a little tiny itty bitty taste of icing.  It seems so silly that we have a birthday cake for a little boy that cannot eat the I put a little icing (maybe the size of a pin head) on my finger and gave him a taste.  And let me remind you, Brayden does not have anything by mouth so cake icing was going to be interesting.

Well his lips were smacking (and he did not gag, which I kind of was expecting).  Then I gave him one more lick.  After all he was the birthday boy and he enjoyed his special you can call by him smacking and licking his lips over and over again.
And please excuse the construction noises in the background, the dog barking and me swatting Carter and Luke away from Brayden while I tried to video.


Vivianne said...

I can't see the video for some reason, but I'm imagining it would have been so precious. There is something about seeing our children enjoy food that just delights our hearts. I know I'm delighted over here just hearing about this, and I haven't even met Brayden :) What a perfect birthday treat! xx

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful birthday treat for brayden. he obviously loved it!

April said...

priceless! xo!