Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hospital Smell

How many times have you heard someone (or maybe even yourself) say, "It is that hospital smell I do not like"?

Last week I finally had the chance to visit our sweet friend Justice, the sweetest girl ever, at the hospital.  I was walking through the maze of halls and it occurred to me that I no longer could smell that hospital smell.  So I figured it was like your know when you go into some one's house or car and it has a certain smell (usually not bad but a smell that is all its own) but when you walk into your own house, you do not smell anything because you are just that used to it.   (And people must be used to their own house I have observed watching too many episodes of Hoarders, when the therapist has on a mask because of the smell and the homeowner is climbing over years of rotten trash and food completely unfazed by the odor.)

Could it be that I am just that used to the hospital smell, that I do not smell it any more?  It is like my house and my car, places we spend lots of time and no longer triggers that sense of smell.

Thankfully Brayden has not been inpatient in a while but we are there for tests, procedures and doctor visits.


leah said...

i had this exact conversation with my husband last week when Wyatt was admitted. i think i actually feel comforted by it! safe, maybe? what a weird world we live in.

Leighann said...

Does CNMC smell?

The only smell I hate is rubbing alcohol. I'm not sure I'll ever be used to it.