Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Fun

We made it through Easter (we have not been quite as successful in the past).
We made it to the 8:00 a.m. service at church (we are usually 9:30ers).

Waking Brayden up in enough time to have him ready, might not have been the best idea but he made it through the day.

He enjoyed church...perhaps too much...singing, saying Amen, talking, whatever he was doing, he was doing it loud so we ended up in the lobby where he continued to make his happy noises.  Yes, his mouth is wide open because he is just that loud.
After church we had a few extra minutes, so off to take some pictures.  Anyone who has boys, or for that matter children, knows that taking pictures...keeping those clothes clean, free of grass stain, food, etc...can be a challenge.  The harder we try, the cheesier the pictures can be.  Many pictures and we end up with just a few good ones.
And the boys wanted to use the camera so we come up with some interesting shots.

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Junior said...

Happy Easter, love the pictures