Friday, April 13, 2012

Accessible Home

Creating an accessible home is not something that was ever in my life plan...

But the time has come to make it happen for Brayden and our family.  Brayden has been on the second floor with all of the bedrooms.  He weighs about 36 pounds and he offers no help (in fact resistant) when trying to carry him, let alone up and down the stairs; not to mention how long he is getting.

We looked into an elevator for the house, but we could not find a way to make it work with our floor plan.  Carter and Luke want an elevator for the fun rides and sending the dog up and down.  The elevator was not going to happen.  We also discussed the possibility of building another home...but we are very settled in this house in Waterford.  We have a large great room on the side of the house, a room that we have not used much so it became the best possible option for making the house accessible for Brayden.

The work has started this week.  Big changes and we had to say goodbye to the fireplace in the great room and the beautiful high ceiling, but the new Brayden suite includes a bathroom with a large shower (to easily roll him in), walk-in closet and a ramp (since the room is a step down).  It is looking good and I am excited for Suite a la Brayden.
The plan:


Vivianne said...

Looking good. Hopefully it will make your lives so much easier for all :)

Anonymous said...

wow!! a room fit for a king! i'm sure you'll all love what his suite will have to offer

kirstenpetree said...

I'm jealous! I wish we could do this for Layne!