Thursday, April 12, 2012

School and IEP

For parents with a child in special ed, you know this time of year is planning for next year with the IEP.

Brayden, by age, should be heading to kindergarten.  I have been mulling over this idea of him going to kindergarten since the beginning of this school year...and it never settled in.  Thankfully he can go another year in preschool.  

Many reasons to keep him in preschool another year, which take too long to explain.  But today was the IEP for next year in preschool.
The only major change:  going 5 days a week next year.

He started this year at 3 days a week, then after Christmas he started 4 days a week.  He has some really great days at school and some really not so great days.

Today he had a good day.  Playing on the computer, hitting the switch to make the computer go.  I came in the room to pick him up for the IEP meeting, another adorable little boy was "saying" hello so I went to him, well it seemed Brayden wanted my attention and he was hitting the switch to show his mommy what he can do on the computer.


Anonymous said...

that's awesome! do you, by chance, what program he's using? i have "big bang" (all of them) in my class and they're great - they sound like they'd be great choices for brayden too. they're designed for kids with vision impairment and can use a switch. my students love all of the big bang programs!


Vivianne said...

How gorgeous :) Isn't it so good for the soul to see them having fun and enjoying themselves :)

Shannon said...

Beautiful photo!!!