Monday, April 2, 2012

Finally Vacation

Yes, I am finally posted about us finally going on vacation.

First let me tell you a little story about a sweet British woman, whom we shall call "the Queen".  This sweet woman has become a dear friend to our family.  Many months ago she heard about Brayden, at the time he was in and out of the hospital a lot.  She was very kind to Jeremy.  She offered for us to use her vacation points so that we could go away as a family.  She sent us books and information about the Disney Vacation Clubs, along with very sweet and funny notes.  At the time, we could just not make it work for Brayden.  Months passed and she offered it again.  I visited her home (since she is British, she has many things referring to the Queen) and we settled on a vacation.

We were off to Disney Hilton Head Resort by way of our new friend, the Queen.

About nine hours in the car and  I managed to pack all of Brayden's gear.  So between the back of our Denali, the Thule carrier and a back rack, we were loaded down.  The first leg of the drive was...well, not so nice.  At one point, Jeremy turned and asked if we should head home.  Yes, it was because of Brayden.  Brayden was screaming.  Really, really screaming.  I gave him some medication, hoping it would calm him and help him sleep...but he eventually fell asleep from exhaustion of screaming that long.

That is when I get to be the "cruise director" for all the boys in the car.  Handing out activities, drinks, snacks, movies, video games, etc.

After the screaming stopped the drive went pretty smoothly until we notice Brayden's drain was looking a little milky.  His drain from his stomach which should only look clear/yellow was looking yellowy milky.  It seemed as though his food was backing up into his stomach (not sure if that was even possible).  But we stopped his food.  Then Jeremy asked if I looked up the closet hospital to our vacation spot.  Then we realized Brayden had not urinated for more than 12 hours.  No idea why because once we arrive and put him in bed, everything was following just need to tour the Hilton Head hospital.

We were thrilled to be in Hilton Head!
We all slept well that night.  The first couple of days were a bit rough for Brayden, he continued his love of screaming.  Jeremy and I spent many hours pushing him around the resort and on the beach...because the moment we stopped, he would start screaming.  He laid in bed with us and even was carried around much more than usual, just to keep him happy (he may have been working his daddy a bit).
After the first couple of days, Brayden settled down and we all were relaxed and happy.
Jeremy helped him relax with long baths...Brayden would fall asleep.
We spent many hours poolside and on the beach.  Brayden loved to be outside and with his family.  He was happy.
 We decided to take his jogger stroller and his wheelchair...comfortable in both.
This trip was the first time, in a long time, that we have traveled without help for Brayden and we managed just fine.

I will back with more photos.

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Vivianne said...

Good to hear it mostly went off without a hitch :) Looking forward to seeing the rest!