Sunday, May 31, 2009


I just came across this amazing site.
The Littlest Heroes Project.
Here is the description...

Our mission at The Littlest Heroes Project is to help provide and capture memories for families who are dealing with hectic schedules due to having a child who is suffering from a serious illness or life altering disability. We understand that in the midst of being thrown a diagnosis and having to switch from a “normal” life to a life that is totally different, and often scary, things like getting photos taken is sometimes a huge challenge and is one of the last things families are thinking about.
Our photographers are on hand to travel to homes, hospitals, clinics, fundraisers, and benefits to help capture your child’s journey in a “Day in the life” sort of style and work personally one on one with your child and entire family to get those special family photos and moments that you can cherish for years to come.

Oh I want to do this so bad! I have been searching and searching for a photographer that will do just that for our family. I submitted an fingers crossed!

Check out some of these amazing families and their pictures.

Also if you are a can sign up to help provide this service to families.


Shannon said...

I have some friends within the MPS circle that have done this. They said it was such a wonderful experience.

Michelle said...

How cool is that I will forward the link to my friend who is a photographer. Thanks for sharing.