Friday, May 29, 2009


Brayden had one of his many school planning meetings this morning. Today was about eligibility.
All of Brayden's reports from his doctors, his therapists and other therapists brought in to assess Brayden, were gathered and reviewed. Brayden has a lot of paper work and a lot of people that he sees. Kinda strange to see it all piled up and try to make a good summary that would best describe him.

The eligibility meeting is to determine if Brayden qualifies for Special Education Preschool and under what category that falls in to. There are a list of 14 categories in which a child could be eligible. Where did Brayden fit?He is going under the "Other Health Impairment" (he has too many things and not one label fits him) and "Visual Impairment". We thought he would fall under the "Severe Disability" category but Virginia is removing the category this coming school year (who knows why). It is my understanding that these will help determine which services he will receive once in school. Under the "Other Health Impairment" he could receive physical, occupational and speech therapy. Under the "Visual Impairment" he would obviously receive vision therapy.

The meeting was easy; pretty straight forward.

Next we have the IEP meeting. The IEP is when we set goals/expectations for Brayden in school thus what kind of services and how often he receives them. So those moms who have been through it before please pass on the tips!


Cheney King said...

Hi Carrie,
I stumbled across your blog not long ago and have been checking in every once in a while to see how Brayden is doing. Jeremy's parents know my parents (Jim and Bonnie King) pretty well. (We run into you at Logan's from time to time). My mom has been on both sides of those LCPS ECSE IEP meetings, both as a parent my brother graduated from the ECSE program, and as a teacher, she was a long term sub and an assistant in that program for several years. If you have any questions, I'm sure she'd be more than willing to answer them. She is still in the IEP process because she enjoys having the special ed students in her classroom. Her email is You could also call the house at 703-430-7427.

Praying for Brayden,
Cheney King

Unknown said...

I am not a good mom at IEPs....I end up weeping like a baby. It is sometimes just difficult to hear others assess you child matter of factly in front of you. In fact I don't think I have ever been to an IEP where I didn't cry. I think the bluntness just gets to me. I can't wait to read how Brayden's goes.