Monday, May 18, 2009

It's not the answer but it's something

The GI doctor called last night to review the blood and lab work. Everything looks normal except Brayden has the rotavirus. The rotavirus is giving him diarrhea, which started the end of last week. I thought Brayden had diarrhea because of us giving him lots of Pedialyte the past several days instead of his full serving of the formula.

The virus has to runs its course and should last only about a week.

Since rotavirus really only lasts about a week or so, it is highly unlikely that it could be the cause of the vomiting for several months. The rotavirus is just an extra bonus. We have things coming out the top and the bottom! It is around the clock fun here (or should I say laundry). We are checking back in with Brayden's GI doctor later this week.

So what's the answer for the vomiting?

Who knows.


Shannon said...

Poor kid. On top of everything else, rotovirus. I am still praying for GI answers.

Leah said...

you're right - it is someting. and sometimes something is much better than nothing. i am hoping that you've found some reprieve these last few days...

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