Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Round 2

Since Brayden is two years old, we are doing the rounds of all of his doctors and some new ones. The midst of all the check ups, we are having assessments for special ed preschool in the fall.
Here is his list:
  • GI specialist - seeing him more than I want due to Brayden's vomiting coming back
  • GI NP (you would think we could just do one GI trip but not the case) - to monitor Brayden's weight and feeds
  • Neurologist - to assess seizures and next steps thus the MRI, EEG and some blood work
  • MRI - his only other MRI was at 3 months old
  • EEG - seem to think that since he is growing, his brain only mm but every mm counts. He may be having a new kind of seizure
  • Pediatrician for the wonderful 2 year check up and shots
  • Weigh-ins with pediatrician since we are changing around his calories, he needs to gain weight
  • Opthamologist - yes he is still blind as one doctor so kindly put it
  • Cardiologist - Brayden only has a very small thing that just needs to be checked every once in awhile...nothing to worry about
  • Orthopedist - new to list but need to see because Brayden is not weight bearing

For school

  • Occupational and Physical Therapy assessment
  • Vision Assessment
  • School meeting for planning, IEPs - I have no idea how many of these will happen

Oh yes, we are attempting to do all of this in a month or so. We still have Brayden's "regular" appointments. Carter and Luke's school schedule and sports.

Did I mention we live a bit far from civilization so all of these appointments tend to be a full day adventure? And I am sure that I am forgetting some doctor, some child, some appointment, some event along the way...sorry in advance if it was you.

If only I liked Red Bull...

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Shannon said...

Wow. Sounds like a very busy month. If you are at the Fairfax office and in need of a friend, let me know. We are 2 miles away and I would love to meet for coffee, lunch, a scream. :) Whatever you need.