Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Who are the people in your neighborhood?

Oh, who are the people in your neighborhood
In your neighborhood, in your neighborhood...
(Sesame Street)

My neighborhood is Waterford, VA. It is a bit of the country.

Honestly, I did not like Waterford when we first moved here. I loved our house and the land but not the country. Our first week here, I discovered that there is no pizza or Chinese delivery (I have no back up plan for dinner). The same week we found a stray cat (who is so huge I am terrified of it) that wanders our neighborhood. The cat welcomed us with a dead mouse on the front porch. And we lost power that week...which means for those not familiar with the country life, there is no water because of a sump pump and wells. Thus no flushing of the toilet, running water, etc. Not fun.

Fast forward almost three years later and I love it here. I do not love the country living and having to "go in to town" to run errands but I am so happy with our neighborhood.

Since Brayden entered our lives, we are always busy with his needs and schedule. Every doctor, hospital or test requires a significant amount of time. And we have two other boys! Our neighbors have been our help. I have called the neighbor asking her to grab Carter and Luke because I called 911 for Brayden. She has been at our house before I could even hang up the phone. Another neighbor takes Carter every Tuesday morning so I can get Luke to preschool and Brayden to his appointments. Another neighbor watches Carter at any time, even when the last minute things that come up. All have provided our family with meals! I have come to rely, love and trust these women. I know that I can call them no matter what, no matter when for help.
Jeremy and I try to keep the chaos of the doctors, hospitals and tests away from the older two boys. We try not to have them worry about where we are, where they are going and who they will be with. For the boys to go to a neighbors house is a treat! They enjoy the neighbors (who according to Carter have much better snacks than I do).

It is an absolute comfort knowing that these people are there. I adore each of them and appreciate them more than I could express and consider them great friends. There is no way possible that I could have made it these past two years with out them.

As a small token of my appreciation, I treated these amazing neighbors to lunch at Tuskies. I could never repay them for all that they have done for my family so a lunch was the least that I could do.
These are the people in my neighborhood. Kind, loving and thoughtful.


Michelle said...

How wonderful God has provided you such an amazing group of women for support, how awesome that you allow them to bless you with their help, because sometimes we are too proud to ask for help and we do deny others the opportunity to bless us. Praise God that you are right where you need to be.

Courtney said...

you are so thoughtful!!!

Shannon said...

It is wonderful that you have these ladies in your life.

Demorest Designs said...

I am so glad that you have such a wonderful support system. What a blessing. Thanks for again for sharing your thoughts and life with us via your blog. It touches me everytime I read it. love you guys.