Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Join the circle time

I had the privilege today of observing circle time.

What is so special about this circle time?

It was a special education preschool. Possibly the school that Brayden will be attending. A good friend's daughter was part of the class in which we could watch the circle time.

And let me tell you it was a treat! The circle time was started with each child (I am pretty sure all fell in to the severely disabled category) saying hello. They could not say hello with words so they used a switch - a big button like this one, that the educators can connect to many things, this time to a recording of "hello". Every child had a turn pushing their switch to say hello, some it required a lot of effort and for some it was just fun. It is something that may seem easy, pushing a button/switch, but for these children it was a huge goal that had been reached. The assistants and teacher used every opportunity for the children to participate. The children could choose which song they wanted to sing by selecting (looking or hitting) between a couple of cards with pictures on them; like The Itsy Bitsy Spider was a card with a spider on it. After some songs, movements, looking and touching, circle time came to an end. Each child said "goodbye" with a hit of their switch.

It was amazing to watch these children and the teachers. I had goose bumps the entire time. These children, who many think could not do much, are in a classroom learning. They are participating in school with their own circle time. I cannot believe Brayden will be doing it!


Shannon said...

It sounds wonderful, Carrie. I am so excited Brayden is going to experience this in the fall. It is going to be so good for him!!

Michelle said...

How precious is that, so sweet. So excited that you and Brayden could experience it and that he will be participating soon. Praise God.

Shannon said...

I meant to tell you that Wavey has used the button for 2 years. And she uses a twin button to say "more and finished" during lunch at school. Oliver has also used it in therapy to say "hello and goodbye". It is such a simple tool, but opens up a way to communicate for our kids.