Friday, June 19, 2009

Staying at the Ritz (Hospital)

Brayden has been admitted to our local hospital, INOVA Loudoun. We went through the ER and a few hours later he was placed in his room.

More blood work was results yet. Another chest x-ray...clear again. The IV...a difficult find but eventually got it.

The pediatric wing at this hospital is great. It is quite posh in comparison to our rooms at Childrens (sorry Childrens but you need to hurry up with those renovations). This room is big, with two TVs (one for the child, one for the parent), a Play Station, a pull out couch (not the sad little pull out chair) and most importantly the private bathroom!

Brayden seems to be doing better already. They did a big push of IV fluids and he had some nice wet diapers. The local hospital is great. Jeremy's sister works there and she seems to know most of the people so we are being treated great. Our only problem is with Brayden's medications, the hospital pharmacy does not have them. It seems to be a difficult order for them. Jeremy had to drive home at 10:00 p.m. to pick up Brayden's prescriptions from home.

The plan is for Brayden to be on IV fluids through the night, try his tube feeds sometime in the morning and he could be discharged by the afternoon, if things are looking better.


Shannon said...

Carrie, if you need ANYTHING please call us. So many prayers for you guys!!

Debbie Greene said...

We are praying that this is a good visit for Brayden! We hope that he gets the nutrients, fluids and meds that he needs.

We are so glad that you are in a more comfortable surrounding (if you have to be in a hospital).

It was good to see you last weekend! you have our love and prayers! Debbie

Michelle said...

Glad things are going better, praying for you guys to go home soon and get back to normal.

Devon said...

Feel better, Brayden!