Sunday, June 21, 2009

Brayden is home

Brayden came home this morning.
How does he feel about being home?

In case you are wondering, those are his happy noises.

Most of the diarrhea and vomiting is gone. Still waiting for the virus to be completely gone. He is acting much more like himself. I pray he stays healthy for awhile. A virus sure does him in (and us too).


Michelle said...

So sweet..yeah so happy he is home, Thank You God!!!

Shannon said...

I love the video!! He is adorable and I love that coy little smile.

Debbie Greene said...

Thank you for sharing this precious moment! Brayden sure IS happy to be home! You are wonderful parents! Brayden experiences pure joy when with you!

Keri said...

Ahhh, that was music to my ears. I'm so glad Brayden is home and loving it!