Monday, November 15, 2010

Some days you just get tired of it

Yesterday was NOT Brayden's best day...which means that we had a rough day too.

We started out to church. By the time we arrived at church, Brayden was not happy. Screaming, not just crying but SCREAMING, no matter what we tried. Jeremy and I took turns. Carter and Luke were enjoying their classes so we did not bother them. Jeremy sat with Brayden, I walked with started to feel like we were getting those looks like "This is church, can you keep you child quiet?" Believe me, we were trying. Jeremy finally gave up and sat in the car with Brayden, who was still screaming.

There are few things more exhausting than a screaming, inconsolable child who cannot tell you why they are so upset.

After our attempt at church, we went to grab a quick bit to eat. Brayden was still screaming on and off. He made his face red from crying and screaming so much. But he would dose off for a few minutes and then wake back up crying.

We made it home. Brayden straight to his bed. Jeremy asked how I was doing. My reply, "Brayden is one more scream away from his first ever spanking." (disclaimer: I would NEVER spank Brayden).

Brayden was exhausted and settled into his bed.

Wait, the day is not over.

Carter had his football team party. Jeremy and Luke had other plans so Brayden and I joined Carter at his party.

I arrived at the sports center, the location of the party. A friend offered to help me get Brayden inside. I said to him, "Thanks but I was relieved to see that there were no stairs into the facility so getting Brayden in will be no problem." I proceeded to unload Brayden and the food for the potluck.

The friend came back outside, he said, "Well, there are stairs. There is a huge flight of stairs up to the party room and no elevator. But I can help you get him up there."

Brayden's chair is a bit heavy and awkward to carry up a flight of stairs. So I carried Brayden, attached to his feeding pump and guys carried his wheelchair. Another gentleman came up to help and asked, "Wouldn't it be easier if we collapsed it before carrying it?" My reply, "Oh, if only I could but it is a full-on wheelchair." After the party, a couple of guys helped carry it back down.

I was grateful for the help but sometimes it is hard and feels like you inconvenience those around you when needing the help.

Thankfully Brayden was quiet for most of the party...he saved his crying/screaming for the car ride home. I was just tired by the time I got home. Simple tasks, that we do all the time, can become oh so difficult.


Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

So sorry you had such a tough day! I know what you mean about asking for help. It is nice that people are so willing, but it does feel like you are an inconvenience sometimes (especially on those hard days). I also know what you mean about a child that cannot tell you what is wrong. SO frustrating! Praying today goes much better for all of you.

The VW's said...

I agree that outings can be so tiring! My husband is gone hunting and I wanted to do fun things with our boys, but after a day of "having fun" on Saturday and toting Gavin in and out, in and out and dealing with his gagging, retching and spitting up....I was exhausted and wondering if it was even worth it or not!

I just blogged about how tiring it all can be! I hear you and I can totally relate! Hang in there Momma! Hugs!!!