Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Brayden loves parties

This past weekend we attended a wonderful birthday party for our friend. The party was at our favorite park, Clemyjontri. The weather was perfect. Brayden tried the swings and did not enjoy it, instead he opted for a nap during the party.

The birthday girl, who parents we know from college, was filled with giggles! She AND her brother are fighting a dreadful disease called Sanfilippo. At the party were several families with their special needs children, amongst other children as well. It was a beautiful sight but also humbling. Birthday parties are certainly time for celebration but it is also hard; realizing all the changes that have taken place over the past year...wondering what the next year will bring. As Brayden and I drove off, I had tears in my eyes. I cannot articulate my thoughts, emotions and feelings, other than to say that it was joyful and left my heart heavy. These families and children are so precious.

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Shannon said...

Thanks for sharing. My cousin was SUPER excited to see you guys using the Big Mac. :)