Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Helen Keller, Carter and Brayden

As part of school Carter studies famous Americans. The class has been discussing Helen Keller.

While at Carter's parent-teacher conference this week, his teacher mentioned that Carter was sharing a little bit about his brother Brayden during the discussion of Helen Keller...something about Brayden being blind and having things with braille.

Brayden is blind (not like Helen Keller) and several of his "toys" come with braille instructions or pre-braille activities. Carter gathered a few things to take to school so that he could share with his class. Carter is proud to be Brayden's brother. He talks about him and has no problem sharing or explaining Brayden to people.

We were sitting at the bus stop this morning talking about Helen Keller and Brayden (and his little friend Daniel). He was excited to share. Then he jumped out of the car and on to the bus.

I was still pondering the extraordinary life of Helen Keller. Now having a child with special needs, I can barely comprehend the amount of dedication that was put into her life. Her parents pursued options for Helen when there were not many in the 1880s. Then Helen's instructor, the infamous Anne Sullivan, to teach her...finding a way to communicate with her...a way for her to learn. In the 1890s, the deafblind Helen Keller, graduated college, with her instructor right by her side. Then to become a writer, activist, world traveler...she was deaf and blind. She is even on the Alabama state quarter!

I have a entirely new appreciation for the accomplishments of Helen Keller AND for her parents and instructor Anne Sullivan.


The Henrys said...

I, too, am very moved by Helen Keller's story. It really is amazing that so much was accomplished during the time period they lived in.

The VW's said...

Me too! Amazing!