Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Family Dinner Did Not Happen

Last night we planned to have dinner, as a family, all around the table at the same time. The first time in a few months. A busy fall and adjusting to school and sports schedule has pushed dinner time around.

Jeremy and I actually said, "Let's have a family dinner, finally."

That did not happen.

Late in the afternoon, I went to check on Brayden to see if he was still napping. I found him with his body contorted and eyes rolled back. He was seizing and this was not his typical daily seizure, it was something bigger. Carter and Luke had some friends over, I quickly sent them home. Rushed back to Brayden who was still seizing. I grabbed the Diastat, gave him the med, frantically called Jeremy and we decided to call 911. Carter and Luke ran over to a neighbor's house and I rushed around gathering Brayden's things while waiting for the ambulance.

The EMTs arrived, thankfully some guys that have been to our house before. Brayden was starting to come out of the seizure but he eyes were still rolling back. They loaded him into the ambulance and we headed to the hospital.

By the time we arrived at the hospital, Brayden has completely come out of the seizure and was just drowsy from the Diastat.

The ER doctor, whom we knew from previous visits, as well as nurses, greeted us when we arrived. It was decided just to watch Brayden for a bit to make sure he did not go back into the seizure.

Thankfully he did not. We were in and out of the ER in a couple of hours (perhaps Brayden's record time).

Jeremy and I sat in the ER watching Brayden...being entertained by a phone call from a friend who was trapped on his roof after his dog knocked down the ladder (he is fine) and Jeremy's sister, a nurse at the hospital, with, as always, enlightening and entertaining stories.

Brayden was looking good and we headed home. Carter and Luke eventually made it to Jeremy's parents house for dinner and they met us back at home.

Tonight, we are trying to have a family dinner.


MrsFought said...

Hope you have a great family dinner tonight! So sorry Brayden had a bad seizure day! We are seeing more and more of those with Matthew.

April said...

Oh I am so sorry you ended up in the ER instead of the dinner table.. crossing my fingers it'll happen tonight!

Shannon said...

I hope tonight's dinner was less eventful. Sending lots of love!

Eric said...

With a child like Brayden, or my son Segev, always expect the unexpected. Do you have an epileptic monitor?

Anonymous said...

aaw, just happen to run across your blog b/c I googled the psalm that happened to be on your page Psalm 139:14. I copied and pasted that psalm by the way so thank you and God bless you and your family for that! Praise Jesus that Brayden is okay. Seems like such a trooper and a little blessing from Heaven. I pray all is well with the family and that the GRACE OF GOD is with you always. I'm sure it will be :)

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

A trip to the ER instead of a family dinner is NOT good! Have I mentioned before that I HATE seizures? Yuck!