Sunday, November 7, 2010

Luke's thoughts on the "plan"

Luke is our middle boy. I am never quite sure what information he is taking in, how he interprets things and how his interpretation will come out of his mouth.

This past week he heard us talking about Helen Keller, about Brayden going to the doctor and needing to gain weight, amongst many other things, this is how it came out of his mouth:

Luke, "Brayden is going to the doctor today?"
Me, "Yes, so daddy will get you at the bus stop."
Luke, "Brayden needs to go to the doctor so he can get bigger."
Me, "That is one of the things we are trying to figure out."
Luke, "He needs to great bigger so he can talk to me."
Me, "Oh buddy, even if Brayden gets bigger he is not going to talk like you and I do. Like we talked about, some people have to learn how to talk in different ways."
Luke, "Maybe Brayden will talk like me when he gets bigger."
Me, "God has a different plan for Brayden. A plan that will be learning different ways to communicate and we will help him figure that out."
Luke, with a big sigh, "Well, that plan is NOT working."

He is trying to understand Brayden. He loves him dearly and wants to be a big brother to him. He is slowly navigating that role and interpreting how it fits into his are we.


Junior said...

such a sweet brother.

Mo said...

So sweet, Luke.

Debbie said...

I recently had a similar conversation with Hudson's 6 year old sis...

she still believes Hudson will walk and talk and wants to know when...
it's as if "baby-hood" is just taking him longer than her mind.

I have told her many times Hudson may never walk or talk and if he did it would be by the grace of God...a living miracle!

So hard for these siblings to wrap their heads around.

kirstenpetree said...


Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

What a sweet big brother! I love the way kids think.