Sunday, November 28, 2010

Help with the present for Brayden

Brayden sleeps with a Curious George every night. It goes with us on vacation and to the hospital. It is always on his left side and he scoots himself over until he is up against his George.

George's face lights up and plays soft lullabies.

Friends gave it to him a couple of years ago. I had no idea it would become his prized possession. It has been "loved" on quite a bit, spot cleaned many times from being in the hospital or being the landing zone of Brayden's vomit.

I cannot find it anymore (at least for a reasonable/non-collector's price, it was only $15, now is sells for the "collector's price" of at least $50). I would buy a couple of them. It is the Curious George Lullaby Lights Plush. If you happen upon it during your holiday shopping, let me know where and how to get it!
Or maybe he should try a glow they even make those anymore?


Melissa said...

The last time I looked, they had glow worms over the summer so maybe they still do. I will definitely keep my eyes open for George too.

Melissa said...

ok...I have been surfing. I hate price gougers. Who is the manufacturer? The glow worm is still made and is reasonably priced.

Laura said...


They stopped making this monkey over 2 years ago and came out with the Glow Curious George.

The only ones youa re going to find are those who stocked up on them before they stopped making them, I am sorry to say. With the prices ranging from $49 to $69. Trust me I have looked and looked!

To answer your question the company that makes them is "Play along Toys". They are no help at all as I have been in contact with them and they told me they have none in wearhouse.

I hope you are able to get the one you are looking for or someone willing to be at least kind enugh to lower the price for you.

We are in the same boat, and not in a nice boat.


The VW's said...

They also have glow seahorses...Gavin has one....but they probably aren't as snuggly as Curious George is. He looks soft and snuggable! Hope you can find one for him!

eve said...

Seller on Amazon has one for $29.99 missing the teddy bear, all else works great.

*long time lurker here, found you doing research for a client of mine..I'm a birth doula who specializes in working with families that have received a difficult prenatal diagnosis..and I've stayed to share in your honesty and beautiful boy..hope you don't're a lovely mum to all your boys..hope you find that George!*

wishing you all the best,


Radar's Mom said...

I hate it when they discontinue the exact thing you're looking for! So sorry! My son also has a FP Ocean Wonders Sea Horse - it's got a light and soothing music, but it's isn't as snuggly and it's a little small. Cloud B makes some really plush snuggly bears/sheep that gently shiver - but I don't think they make any that light up or play lullabys.

Good luck on finding a replacement for good old Curious George!

Courtney said...

the glowworm is a great idea...but i'll keep my eyes peeled!

kirstenpetree said...

Layne has a glow sea horse. It's pretty neat because the music plays for a while.

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Oh, I really hope that you find a new George. What a sweet toy! Emily received a Glow worm for her 1st birthday and loves it. We now have 3 of them. They changed the face on them not too long ago and they are not as cute anymore, so when I see an old one, I snatch it up. They are about $10. We also have the Seahorse. That stays in bed with Emily because it plays for 5 minutes I think (the Glow worm only plays for about 30 seconds at a time). Both of them are quite small and don't look near as snuggly as George.

Amanda said...

Dear Carrie,

May I have your address? :)