Sunday, March 14, 2010

School is so beneficial

I spend my Sunday nights getting ready for the school week ahead. It takes a lot of get three boys ready for their school week...each in a different school and all of their activities.

Carter is at our local public school in 1st grade. Luke at a church preschool about 20 minutes away. Brayden at a public elementary school about 15 minutes away; he is in special ed preschool.

This school year has been interesting. For one thing it has affirmed my thoughts that school is extremely beneficial for children (a.k.a mommy not being the teacher). While I know that everyone needs to choose their child's educational path based upon their families needs, for me sending them to school has been a great decision.

Carter's reading and math skills have grown leaps and bounds. His teacher can get him to read some great stuff. When I read with him at home he gets frustrated. Carter has become a leader in his class and learning to choose good friends. Our do not have to play with everyone or be their friend but you have to be kind and respect them.
Luke is ridiculously ready for kindergarten. His preschool has been great. He educational skills are kindergarten ready. He is learning self control. He is a well behaved child but tends to speak his mind...whenever a thought comes...which means he talks a lot. Luke has to learn the appropriate time to talk and taking turns.

Brayden has been maturing tremendously. He tolerance for new things, they do not frazzle him. The teacher, aids and therapists do all sorts of activities with him...things that not in a million years I would try with him or even expect him to be able to participate.

Bottom line, having teachers and others adults at school has huge benefits. They expect different things from our children. They see them differently than we do as parents. They push them in a way that I could not being a mom/teacher. They have tremendous patience and many innovative ways to reach our children.

Being around other children on a regular basis has many benefits. Not only the sharing, taking turns, working together but comfort in having friends. Brayden even seems to recognize those in his class.
I am so grateful for our teachers!


April said...

What busy and beautiful boys you have! I love how you follow your heart with them!

April said...

What busy and beautiful boys you have! I love how you follow your heart with them!

The VW's said...

Teachers are the BEST!!! And, if you ask me, they are angels put on this earth!

I totally agree with you! I once considered homeschooling our boys, but I'm so glad that my husband talked me out of it! Our boys have learned SO MUCH in school and they have done things that I never would have done with them! Especially Gavin.....his teachers are terrific! I would never do all that they do with him! They push him, where I would probably just baby him.

Thanks God for great teachers!

the deKorne family said...

yes, as a former teacher, i couldn't agree more. people often ask if i would home school since i taught...but i want our kids to live to tell about a happy childhood! ava starts preschool in the fall i'm sure i will be sad, but i can't wait!

Keri said...

We're definitely on the same page when it comes to sending kiddos to school. I think the interaction with teachers and classmates is vital. Great post!