Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Change the tube

Brayden went in today for a tube change. Out with the old G-J (which I think actually smelled funky this time) and in with the new G-J (which is so shiny). The tube change requires a trip to the hospital for time in radiology. Since the tube must be placed into the intestine properly, die and a wire is used to insure proper placement.

Changing the G-J tube is something that we do many times a year. Brayden is always adorable in his little hospital gown. The hard part of changing the tube is pulling out the old tube. The tube almost becomes a part of his body so the radiologist needs to really yank on the tube to pull it out. Did I mention Brayden is awake for this on the radiology table? Sometimes this causes so much discomfort for Brayden that he screams and no sound comes out...not fun and not fun to watch. Can you imagine the feeling of having a long tube yanked from your body, through the intestine, stomach and out a small hole in the muscle and skin? I get shivers thinking about it. Thankfully it does not take too long.

Brayden is just bothered by the yanking. Immediately before and after he is absolutely fine, in fact happy today, tossing around some smiles.


Junior said...

Poor little guy, Junior had his changed this month also and he definitely jumped when they pulled the tube. I didn't realize there were different types of GJ tubes like that. Junior has the button style.

April said...

What a brave little guy!

The VW's said...

Poor Boy! Glad it's over for him for awhile anyway!

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

That does NOT sound fun at all. Glad it is a quick process.