Friday, March 12, 2010

Busy week

I have not blogged much this week because things have been busy.

A good busy, for the most part.

The week started with a meeting about developing a fully accessible park in our county. I have been thinking, researching, googling a million ideas. We met with a playground equipment company to help give us some ideas and hopefully direction. Still so many things to be decided to even decide if we can pull this off.

On and off throughout the week, I have been on the phone with Children's. We are now scheduled for Brayden to enter the hospital in April to start the ketogenic diet. He will be in the hospital a bit longer than typical keto kids because of his G-I history and pancreatitis...all of which will be watched closely.

Because Brayden's medical needs have changed so much in the past couple of years, the waiver that he is currently on is being re-evaluated, with the idea to update to his current medical status. This is a pain. No one seems to know the correct process. I have talked to countless people...way too much time on the phone.

Yesterday I had a meeting to discuss ideas about collaborating on a book. A book that would share three stories. Each story from a mom of a special needs child and navigating their life. I am not sure where this project is heading but it is a possibility.

Not to mention our regular activities for Carter and Luke...Brayden's appointments, etc.

Today, I will actually run to grocery store and some other errands and it happens to be the day when it is pouring down rain!


The VW's said...

You ARE busy! But, it sounds like you are accomplishing some pretty great things! Oh, and shopping in the rain...yuck! HUGS!!!

Mo said...

I always wanted to write a book about raising a special needs child but settled with keeping a blog. I admire your determination for the book AND the park. Keep pluggin' away! Great job!

TMI Tara said...

Have you checked out cre8 play (they go through game time). Also elephant play has some unique slides. For music elements, I love freenotes. I'm more than happy to help with ideas, but I'm still learning too, so I'm not sure how much I can help! I hope your city is backing the idea because that will help more than anything. Ask them if they have a lobbyist to help lobby for grants/funds.

Sorry it's raining there too. We had huge plans to work on our yard today, and of course now it's snowing! Boo! I'm ready for sunshine!!!

TMI Tara said...

I just re-read my comment. Elephant Play actually has cool swings, not sure why I said slides the first time ;)

Keri said...

You define busy! Within that hectic schedule of yours, don't forget to pencil time in for yourself. Much easier said than done. I'm slowly just beginning to learn the importance of 'me time'.

Love your idea of a book!

MamaHam said...

I live in Hanover County VA and we have a great park designed for Special Needs Children - Pole Green Park. I'm sure you can goggle it to find out more....just some ideas for ya! My Sweet Ethan loves the swings and they are specially made so that he doesn't slide or fall over...PERFECT!!