Sunday, February 3, 2013

He will find a way

To get comfortable.

Brayden likes to swing his legs out...way out.  We call it his frogs legs.  It is a challenge to keep his legs in.  No matter what device his is sitting in, he will swing his legs out.  This is problematic for, let's say, um, going through doors...pushing a wheelchair or any of his chairs through a doorway and his legs are hanging out to the side.  This is problematic for school and for the bus.
His wheelchair has feet straps.  We can strap his feet down.  I am not really a fan of strapping him down since he really uses his legs as a way to express himself.  He has a certain kicking when he is getting mad, kind of like his warning sign that he is about to get upset; he kicks and kicks when he is really happy.  Kicking is his thing.

For his well-being he cannot let his legs hang over the side in his wheelchair for bus transportation; so his feet are strapped down.  But he still finds a way to get comfortable.

He has been able to wiggle his feet out of his shoe.  Shoe still strapped down...not his feet...clearly he is winning this battle.

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Sharon said...

Hi, I have just recently discovered your blog. You have a wonderful family!

My daughter had the same problem with her "frog" legs. We called it the same thing :0) When we got her wheelchair the DME put pads on both sides of her chair from her torso to knees in order to hold her legs in for the same purpose. On occasion though she would lift her leg up and over the pads but not very often. I too didn't like strapping her feet down, but it was definitely safer on the bus and at school then the alternative.

Wishing you the best!