Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lots of Love from Brayden

Happy Valentine's Day from Brayden!  He was on his best behavior today at home and at school, where he even got to go see the fifth graders Valentine decorations.
Of course he was decked out for the day (pseudo tie t-shirt and a flashing heart necklace).  And of course he was smiling before and after the camera but I tried to get a smile of camera...can you tell he is trying not to look in my direction!
He had lots of goodies to pass out.
And he came home with a few of his own.
He is my chunk-of-love, lots of kisses on those yummy cheeks.


The VW's said...

He's so cute! Hugs to you Brayden!

Shannon said...

LOVE the pinwheel valentine. So creative!!