Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New a day at the spa

Brayden was fitted for new AFOs this morning.  A long drive in to the office and Brayden was happy all the way.
To get proper AFOs, his feet/legs are casted to get right shape, size and fit just for his chubbiness.  One might think he would not enjoy the casting; holding his leg still, a long tight sock on, then wet wrap put around and around his feet and legs...holding it all still while the casting dries, then cutting it all off.  It could be a miserable experience a child that has some sensory issues and is really not too trusting of strangers; but oh no, not for Brayden, he acted like he was getting a pedicure at a spa.  He was laid back, happy and even helping in his own way; acting very mature and seemingly understanding what was going on.  He wanted it to last longer, pamper him more.

I must say I may just be projecting my feet issues on Brayden.  I really, really do not like feet.  I want nothing to do with one touching my feet and I have no need to touch anyone else's.  

The only feet I like, well, feet I love, are Brayden's (Carter and Luke are old enough now that their feet can stink).  Brayden's feet are delightfully plump and irresistible to squeeze.

Hopefully we will not be squeezing him into these new AFOs (which should be ready in a couple of weeks) and they will be a great fit for several months.

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