Tuesday, February 5, 2013

He is Regsitered

Registered for Jill's House (while I sit in Panera, munching on a cinnamon crunch bagel, yum).
Jill's House is an overnight respite facility (the only one of its kind in the US).  When Brayden turn 6 yrs old (when did he get this old?!) in April, he can start going to Jill's House.  It is here in Northern VA.

The place is amazing, I have been there several times (not yet for Brayden).
A Look Inside Jill's House from Jill's House on Vimeo.

I started the registration process this morning.  Eventually he will have an intake process...that will lead to him staying at Jill's House.  I am already anxious about the prospect of him going.  I drilled a friend yesterday with questions (both of her children go and has become somewhat of a spokesperson for Jill's House).

I did ask if it was obnoxious for me to sit in the parking lot for the first several hours and pop in to check on Brayden...

I may need to start praying about this now.


Shannon said...

Hooray!!! You did it. I am so excited for ALL of you.

Anonymous said...

Jill's House looks amazing! I would definitely use it if I were in VA. I'm sure that Brayden will be in great hands :)

Demorest Designs said...

I have a college student who just applied to work at Jill's House this summer, so I had to fill out a reference for her and was checking it out. It sounds like an incredible ministry and I hope you are able to allow them to minister to your family. Love and Prayers your direction always.