Tuesday, October 11, 2011

We are the went to the Circus

For Carter's birthday, we got him tickets to the Big Apple Circus.  It was just me and my three boys for an afternoon of fun at the circus.  We loaded up on goodies and food.  Then all three sat quietly and soaked it all in. 
Brayden was happy with all the music and lights.
The Big Apple Circus was incredibly accommodating.  I called before purchasing the tickets to find out where accessible seating was in the tent.  Many of us know that accessible seating can mean a back corner because they have no other place to put the wheelchairs.  The circus had box seats, 10 rows back for our crew.  Not only great seats but discounted price for the disabled and guests.  When we arrived, the parking was not close to the circus tent.  I asked one person and they asked, "Are you Carrie Jenkins?  You can park right up here."  We parked almost in front of the tent.  Then upon entering the circus grounds, we had a personal escort that would help us get food, toys, etc and take us right to our seats.  And all I did was call for accessible seats and asked for nothing more...at the Big Apple Circus we were treated a bit like celebrities for the day!


Mo said...


The VW's said...

This is wonderful! Glad you had a great time, without lots of hassel! Oh, and I love the title of this post! Made me smile and think about my family! We are definitely the circus! : ) Hugs!

Vivianne said...

That is so nice to hear! So pleased that you and the boys had a good time :)

Demorest Designs said...

Yeah! So nice to have a moment when it seems that somebody "really" gets what your family experiences on a daily basis and goes above and beyond to care for you! If the Big Apple ever comes to my town (okay-close to my town cause let's be honest, they are not going to come to Upland!) I will be the first to get in line for tickets!