Saturday, October 15, 2011

In addition to our fun...another surgery?

For the past couple of weeks, we have doing the rounds with doctors about Brayden's sleep apnea.  A talk/emails with the pediatrician and neurologist, lead to an appointment with the pulmunologist, which lead to an appointment with an otolaryngologist (ENT).

On a side note, if I were a doctor I would want to be an otolaryngologist, just because it is a fun word to say.  And yes, I like words just based upon how they sound. For example, I know a name I would use if I was a Bollywood star or NFL player or I may eat a dish because the name of it sounded good or I may say things in French or Spanish because I like the sound of those words better.  There are words I would like to add to my daily vocab because they are fun to say...not that I am at all looking to add otolaryngology because it is another doctor Brayden has to see.

Okay, back on topic, the ENT Brayden saw yesterday.  Brayden's tonsils are definitely large.  In fact the doctor called me over while examining Brayden and asked,
"Do you see the tonsils?  Do you see the black hole down into the throat?" 
I replied, "I see the tonsils but no black hole." 
To which he replied, "There is no black hole because that is how big his tonsils are right now."

The large tonsils are an easy explanation for Brayden's sleep apnea problems.  The plan is for Brayden to go in next week for a scope to check his adenoids, down the throat to the voice box to check how things look.  With the goal to be a surgery to remove Brayden's tonsils and adenoids.

While this is a common procedure, we know that this can be difficult for Brayden and it means another stay at the hospital.

Party time, all the time with the Jenkins.

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Susan Oliver said...

Carrie Jenkins, why didn't you CALL ME. We would have LOVED to have the boys Friday evening and we've been feeling a little neglected on Jenkins' boys time. peace and love your way.