Monday, October 10, 2011

Give me O2

Brayden's sleep apnea has recently been a bit troubling.  We have now started to put him on oxygen through the night.  On the oxygen, his O2 sat has been much better.

Brayden saw the pulmunologist the end of last week.  First thing the doctor said, "We have met before."

Then I started to realize why.  This pulmunologist has been a consult for Brayden when in the hospital...for several reasons:  vomiting a lot and they like to check for any aspirating issues; this pulmunologist saw Brayden in the PICU when he was having breathing troubles; and he has been consulted about Brayden's pancreas.  Why the pancreas and pulmunologist?  Odd combo, right?  Well Brayden's pancreas troubles are similar to kiddos with cystic fibrosis, who are monitored mostly by a pulmunologist.  When we (the pediatrician and GI dr) were trying to figure out how to give Brayden the proper pancreatic enzymes via j-tube, this pulmunologist was part of those conversations.

Ok, back to the visit.  Brayden sleep apnea is no surprise.  We talked with the pulmunologist for at least 45 minutes, discussing Brayden's issues and medications.  The pulmunologist wants Brayden to see an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat specialist) about his tonsils.  Then Brayden may do a sleep study.  What we do next is dependant upon what the ENT dr finds.

Add at least one more appointment to this month.


Shannon said...

I am sure they made recommendations about ENTs, but Dr. Shah (we see him in DC) is fantastic. Easily one of my favorite doctors at CMNC. He is great with Waverly & Oliver.

Tonya said...

Carrie, I am very interested in how you found out that Brayden may have pancreatic issues. I, myself, have a CF gene that lends to problems with the pancreas and my daughter carries the same gene, yet no one appears to be concerned about it. She is also G-Tube fed. Any suggestions? Tonya