Friday, October 21, 2011

Take out the Tonsils & Adenoids

Brayden was scoped this morning.  A scope to check his nose and throat.  Everything is looking good for surgery to remove his tonsils and adenoids.

The scope lasted several minutes.  Numbing drops.  One person to hold his head still (did I mention he HATES his head/face to be touched unless we are stroking his hair).  One person to hold his arms.  The doctor threading the scope into his nose, down his throat.

Thankfully no problems, no major gagging or retching spell (which I completely expected to happen and it did not).  Tonsils still looking really big, adenoids only a little big.

The numbing drops seem to bother Brayden, he was breathing strangely and coughing but otherwise looking good.

I called the surgery scheduler...the voicemail said 8-10 business days to return phone calls!  Hoping to have the surgery done sometime the middle of November.  We will be at Fairfax so they can handle all of his needs.


Vivianne said...

Glad that went well. I hope the surgery goes well for you too. Shame that it needs to be done though, what with everything else the poor darling needs!

Riley's Smile said...

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