Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's all about the angle

Back to the orthopedic surgeon for an actual visit that involved office time and not just discussing things the halls.

This time we headed over the river to Maryland at a Children's outpatient center in Shady Grove. An 8:30 a.m. appointment. That meant we had to tackle I-270, which has to be one of the worst places ever for traffic heading into DC. I am pretty sure it knocks years off your life just for traveling it during rush hour.
We left at 6:30a.m. Jeremy met us there because I needed him to hear all of what the doctor had to say about Brayden's femur/hip problems and potential surgery.

Brayden was sent for lots of x-rays on his femur, hip and spine. Jeremy went with Brayden while his nurse and I waited in the exam room. Apparently the radiologist did not make the x-rays an easy experience. For one thing he insisted that Bradyen's diaper be removed and you know what happened...Brayden wet all over himself; a good soak to his shirt, undershirt and blanket...nice and wet with urine.

After the x-rays were done, the orthopedic surgeon came in to discuss. And I will try my best to explain what he said (and my illustration to show the angles)...
Basically the top of your femur should be at between at 120-135 degree angle, at the neck of the femur, to fit properly into the hip socket. Brayden's femur has barely any angle at all. This means a a couple of dangers; easy to dislocate the hip and as the femur continues to grow it has strong potential to hit the hip socket and cause significant damage to the pelvic bone. All mean potential pain and serious discomfort for Brayden. The orthopedic surgeon suggests that we have surgery to break both femurs and to place rods in that create the proper angle. It is a possibility that the hip socket has to repaired as well. All of which means long surgery time. It could be done over a couple of procedures. The doctor did spend a lot of time talking with us, answering our questions. He reviewed the x-rays, describing it all. And showed us an x-ray of a child who had the procedure done.

Our plan from this point?  I am not sure.  We are going to get a second opinion from Brayden's original ortho doctor.  And we will be back to see the orthopedic surgeon in Dec to discuss our plans.

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