Saturday, June 27, 2009

School and new Doctor

I am a little behind with blogging. Things have been busy around here.

Brayden had his first IEP meeting. The IEP meeting is to establish goals and plans for Brayden attending special education preschool in the fall. The meeting was at his school with his teacher, vice principal, therapists and us.

Here are his plans:
  • Attending Catoctin Elementary School in Leesburg
  • 3 days a week, half day
  • Riding the bus to and from school - the bus will pull right up to our house
  • Receiving physical, occupational and vision therapy, he will also be evaluated for speech
  • Goals for the school year include things like spending time in a stander, using switches, looking at objects for a period of time, etc.

The planning of the school things are fine. The IEP went well. Things that I felt were missing, I brought up and were immediately added. We also meet briefly with the school nurse. He is the first child at the school to have a G-J tube and it will be hard to keep him running for 20-22 hours a day. The school will run the food but it will be turned off for the bus ride and therapies. Brayden also must come to school with a seizure plan. The plan for seizures is a bit hard to articulate. He has seizures, how many is too many? I don't know. How long is too long? I don't know, I tend to go with my gut and wait things out...that doesn't not leave the school nurse feeling so comfortable, thus we need to make a plan for the school to follow.

On to another doctor this week. Brayden had his first appointment with the orthopedist. The concern and reason for him is see this kind of doctor is because Brayden is non-weight bearing and seizure medications, when taken for a long period of time, can cause issues with bone density. The doctor was pleased with Brayden and found that at the time he did not have any issues and in fact said he was better than she expected. The doctor will be in communication with Brayden's school to help plan for devices that could assist Brayden's standing and sitting. So we will check back in with her in the fall.

It was nice to walk out a doctor's office with good news for once. Not that Brayden's doctor visits are bad, they are just not usually very encouraging.

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Shannon said...

I've missed your blog. I am thrilled the IEP meeting went so well. He is going to blossom in school. And YIPPEE for good news at the doctor. Celebrate it when you can. :)