Tuesday, April 26, 2011

One year ago today

was the day, Brayden's fabulous nurse came to our home for the first time.  She has been the best addition to our household.  Brayden (and everyone else) adores her.  She has been with us on vacations, adventures, doctors, hospitals and so on.  An honest to goodness answered prayer...someone who loves Brayden and takes such good care of him.

Having a nurse and/or respite help is such a crucial part in helping us keep balance in the family.  Brayden's needs can be overwhelming and all consuming to each and every moment of the day.  I feel like a new person having someone to help with Brayden.  I actually attend Carter and Luke's events, go out with friends, even go to the grocery store!

Since it was one year ago today that she entered Brayden's life, we surprised her with a cake and a few small fun gifts.


Amanda said...

LOOOOOVE this! I pray Ethan's new nurse is still around in a year! I couldn't agree more with this post! You took the words right outta my mouth :) AND I am coming around to the whole HELP thing too. Es nurse has been on board about a month now... and I absolutely LOVE her! She is just what WE needed ;)

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

How wonderful! So glad that she has been such a great fit for your family. What a blessing!