Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A night of EEG

Brayden was monitored last night, through the night, by an EEG.  A couple dozen probes are pasted on all around Brayden's head...hooked up to a computer and monitor to watch the seizure activity.

Early reports are that he showed LOTS of seizure activity...whether some are his "norm" or he is having more is yet to be seen.  Then this morning he had 8+ major seizures; that I saw and pushed the call button too many times.

The neurology team gave him a dose of phenobarbital and may continue to give him more over the next several hours to help temporarily with the amount of seizures.

The neurology team is talking with Brayden's regular neurologist to discuss adding Depakote, however Depakote's side effects list the pancreas...and Braydens pancreas is already a problem.  So it is looking like phenobarbital could be added to his daily seizure medications.  Medications are still up for discussion between the keto clinic, Brayden's neuro and the neuro team.

I believe the plan is try medications today/tomorrow and watch for the effect (although Brayden's neuro seems ok sending him home sooner than later on a low dose and slowly work up to the proper dose).  Trying new medications in a dosage that Brayden may need, can cause respiratory distress and trip to the ICU.  The neurologists warned me that this is a possibility, thus why we are at the hospital trying the new medications.

The EEG has been removed, Brayden had a sponge bath and is resting peacefully (probably because of the meds).


kirstenpetree said...

Praying they can find the right medications!

Shannon said...

Thanks for the update. I hope they can find the best med combination quickly. We love you guys!! xx

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

We will continue to pray for Brayden and all of you! Praying the EEG will give them some good answers and lead them in the right direction with meds.

Jenny said...

Oh, how I had seizures. Poor guy. We started on phenobarb, then added trileptal, then topamax. We were able to wean off the phenobarb after the other two, so she's just on the 2. it's such a frustration, figuring out waht can/will work. you are all in our prayeres.