Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Doing better

This afternoon the respiratory team removed the bipap machine and replaced it with the nasal cannula so that he would continue to get oxygen but not be so forced.  At first he was struggling with the change but after about two hours, he perked up, became a bit more alert and began breathing a bit better.  He is not near his baseline yet but making progress with his breathing.  If he continues to do well on the nasal cannula, they will not put him back on the bipap and he could leave the PICU for the regular wing tomorrow.  He is continuing to receive morphine and only needed one dose so far this afternoon

Brayden got a sponge bath and clean linens today, which he enjoyed.  He and everything around him showed the evidence of a rough night.  After he was all clean, we got a better look at his central line and tubes...everything is looking good.

Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and prayers.  We appreciate all the love and support.

Please continue to pray for Brayden.  He is so tough and so frail, all at the same time.  Pray for peace and rest...for the entire family.


the deKorne family said...

Thanks so much for the update. Praying! My girls are praying, too and have his picture up to remember to pray for him.

Leighann said...

Thinking about you all day.

kirstenpetree said...

So glad he is improving! praying it continues!

Shannon said...

So glad he is continuing to improve. Praying for you all. Let me know if you need anything.

dotalot said...

just caught up with all of this, i'm so sorry that brayden has had to endure so much, praying hard for him right now, he is such a sweet and brave boy and so very lucky to have you and your husband in his life. my heart goes out to you, i'm sure you are exhausted and fragile and just want to be home with brayden and your other boys, sending you so much love from across the seas xxx anne (littleharves) ( this is my new blog)