Thursday, April 28, 2011

Do you recognize this place?

Yes, Brayden was at the hospital today, a trip to the ER.  

Luke and I were out for breakfast with some friends, when we left the restaurant my phone went crazy, 10 or so missed calls.  Realizing that I seemed to not have reception in the restaurant, I scrolled through the missed calls...some from Brayden's school and from Jeremy. 

There was a frantic phone call from school.  Brayden's new j-tube was pulled out at school.  He was hooked up to his food, they were transferring him from his wheelchair, the tube's extension got caught in the hardware of his wheelchair and came out with a full balloon.  The school nurse covered the open hole and called for an ambulance.

The j-tube is much more delicate than the g-tube because it is going into the intestine and a much smaller area.  The Brayden's j-tube site still has not fully healed from the surgery.

Brayden's teacher rode with him to the hospital where I joined them and Jeremy came a bit later.  The new hole started to close quickly, at first attempt the doctor could not get something in so they got something smaller to put in and slowly stretch it a bit...while we waited to hear from the surgeon (would had done Brayden's surgery).  The hospital did not have a replacement tube but they were able to use the one that came out of Brayden.

A little maneuvering and the j-tube was back in.  A trip to radiology to check it and all looked good.  A few hours later and we are home.  We have an already scheduled appointment with the surgeon tomorrow to check the sites.

Brayden was not bothered by it at all.  Apparently making his happy noises at school, in the ambulance and in the ER.  Thank the Lord it went the tube went back in, did not seem to cause problems and Brayden was happy!

Oh there is never a dull moment around here.


kirstenpetree said...

Oh my goodness! Doesn't anyone know you guys deserve a break!!!!! praying as always!

The VW's said...

OH MY! You aren't kidding when you say there is never a boring day at your house! Hope the tube site checks out fine and it stays in from now on! Hugs!

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

So scary! I am always worried about Emily's g-tube getting caught on something and coming out. As you said, it isn't as big a deal as a j-tube, but it still freaks me out. So glad Brayden took the whole thing in stride and that they were able to get the tube back in.

I am familiar with the "stretching devices" they use when the hole starts to close up. Emily's g-tube came out 2 days after we brought her home from the NICU (my first day at home by myself!). They took so long to get us situated in the ER that they had to use these metal rods to open the hole up so they could get the tube back in. I couldn't even be in the same room - my husband stayed with her.

Praying you have a very quiet, boring, uneventful weekend!